Post Malone Addresses Steep Fall in Hole at Concert [Video]

Post Malone Addresses Steep Fall in Hole at Concert [Video]

Videos made their rounds last weekend after Post Malone took a huge plummet into a hole during his performance set.

The artist was performing in St. Louis at Enterprise Center when he fell and seemed to be totally out of it. Mid “Circles,” the singer fell through the stage, shocking the audience. He then fell to his back.

The hole wasn’t supposed to be on stage and failed to close after Malone brought out his guitar to perform a song prior. He placed the guitar on stage, and it slowly lowered down, disappearing–leaving a massive gap on stage– which was supposed to eventually close. It was a technical error that caused the show to pause.

In multiple videos, the audience sees Malone in pain and reaching for help as it looks like he injured his ribcage.

He alerted fans on the mic to give him some minutes, and he soon returned. Malone is taking to Instagram to express how he felt about the fall, and it’s a big “F U” to the hole.

Following the accident, Malone confirmed it winded him down pretty bad, but the next time he’s in St. Louis he’ll put on a two-hour show to make up for the last show.

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