Post Malone Believes "It's Weird To Be Forced" To Wear A Face Mask

Post Malone Believes “It’s Weird To Be Forced” To Wear A Face Mask

As states, cities, and municipals across the country begin announcing that face masks are deemed mandatory in the most recent attempt to stop the spread of COVID, Post Malone believes the government shouldn’t force people to wear masks coverings. ⁣

Appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Malone tells Rogan he feels it’s weird to be forced to protect yourself.

“It’s weird for me, like me in school, having to fu**king, tuck in my shirt, or else I get like detention. It’s weird to be forced to wear something.”⁣

Rogan points out that Japan contained the virus by merely wearing a facemask, “Japan didn’t shut their economy down, everybody wore a mask, they followed the rules, and they contained it.”  Malone went into damage control as he tried to clarify his previous statement by saying that “respect” for one another should be a good enough reason to wear a mask. ⁣

“It’s not a government thing. You shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask, but you should,” Malone says. “Because I respect you as a fellow human.” Malone then drifts into talking about how ridiculous cities are for fining people up to $600 for not wearing a mask. ⁣

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