Post-Raid Body Cam Records SWAT Declaring Breonna Taylor Was Dead: “She’s Done”

The SWAT team called in to clear Breonna Taylor’s apartment found her motionless body in her hallway, and when they checked for a pulse, they calmly and repeatedly stated, “She’s done.”

The bodycam footage was released by the Louisville, Kentucky Police Department on Thursday. The video recorded several SWAT officers on the scene after the raid and gunfight that killed the 26-year-old and injured officer, Jonathan Mattingly.

The footage provides a first time look inside Breonna’s apartment after she was killed, TMZ reports.

Before the SWAT team entered the apartment, a cop is heard saying, “The female is supposedly the one that’s shot.” At this point, Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, has already surrendered to authorities outside.

Once inside, cops can be heard telling SWAT that Taylor was at the end of the hallway, but it takes several more minutes of clearing out other parts of the location before they attended to Taylor, asking her, “Ma’am can you hear us?”

An officer can be heard telling another officer to check for her pulse. That is when a cop declared, “she’s done.” The majority of the SWAT team cleared the scene to let medic and crime scene investigators take over.

The video also recorded an officer telling others not to turn their cameras off. While investigating the scene, they referenced the casings on the floor, saying, “Is that theirs? No, that’s ours, the only casings look like 9mils.”

The clip also captured the moment when now-fired officer Brett Hankison—the one who was indicted by a grand jury for wanton endangerment—popped his head back inside the apartment but was told to back out.

Additional footage from another officer showed the horrific aftermath inside Taylor’s apartment, which was covered with bullet holes and blood-stained walls. It also captured Taylor’s body on the floor.

The bodycam footage outside the apartment showed officers engaging with Walker, who is seen crying and telling officers that his girlfriend was dead inside. The two of them had no idea who was entering the apartment.

Walker is heard repeatedly saying, “We didn’t know who it was,” while another cop responded that they announced themselves three times. Walker fired back with his legally owned handgun out of fear that someone was breaking in.

Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron sided with police that they ID’d themselves, and for that reason, they were justified in returning fire that early morning of March 13.

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