Potential Is Cool, But Women Are Tired of The “I’m Getting Myself Together ” Men


No one is perfect and if we all examined ourselves honestly, we would see areas that we need to drastically improve on. Some of us need better careers; others are in need of being mature about our finances. Communication is vital. While, many of us “talk” about our problems, rarely do we communicate and listen with the intent to correct the problems. With that being said, we are all getting ourselves together. However, there seems to be an epidemic with men that are “getting themselves together.”

What does that mean? And what does that have to do with women? What exactly are you working on? Are you improving your credit? Are you in counseling to deal with your inability to commit or stay faithful? Is home ownership a goal you are simultaneously working on as you get yourself together? Is there some type of self-reflection going on? And if you are in such a state of self-improvement, why are you entertaining women?

It seems to be a contradiction with this “I’m getting myself together” clause. It only raises its head when the women these men deal with require commitment or something more substantial. So up until the point of solidifying things “getting yourself together” never interferes with whatever is blossoming. It never interferes with sex, financial assistance or support. It only matters when there is a need for commitment. And to that, women have grown tired-tired of excuses.


Why can’t you have your sh!t together? Is that too much to ask for?

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