Powerade Changes Recipe To Compete With Gatorade

Powerade Changes Recipe To Compete With Gatorade

Powerade is tired of being overlooked and trying to compete with America’s favorite sports drink.

Gatorade is known for its bright color beverages, from blue to yellow, filled with electrolytes; now Powerade is taking a page from the brand’s book by introducing bright drinks to the lineup and more electrolytes.

The new drink boasts about double the electrolytes replacing the previous version and also includes Vitamin C and B12, which Gatorade does not contain.

Not only is there a new recipe, but it also has new packaging.

Powerade new bottle and logo

Gatorade was invented in the 1960s at the University of Florida, then acquired by Pepsi Co. Powerade was launched to compete against Gatorade in the 80s and acquired by Coca-Cola.

However, Powerade has never been as popular as Gatorade.

In 2021, Coca-Cola acquired BodyArmor, appealing to a relatively young crowd and still very successful.

In 2020, BodyArmor and Powerade decided to work together,” Powerade was positioning itself as a rival to BodyArmor, even when Coca-Cola was already invested in the younger company. Working together, “we can use, now, BodyArmor and Powerade as a one-two punch to beat Gatorade,” Federico Muyshondt, CEO of BodyArmor said.

“BodyArmor can help us make a big-step change in the sports drinks category, particularly in the US,” said Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey.

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