President Biden Wants Airlines to Compensate Travelers for Cancellations and Delays

President Biden Wants Airlines to Compensate Travelers for Cancellations and Delays

The Biden administration announces plans for new airline regulations for passengers.

On Monday, the administration unveiled proposals for regulations that would mandate airlines to offer compensation and reimburse expenses to passengers left stranded due to disruptions caused by the companies.

“I know how frustrated many of you are with the service you get from your U.S. airlines,” President Joe Biden said. “That’s why our top priority has been to get American air travelers a better deal.”

Additionally, Biden says his administration intends to implement an unprecedented rule later this year. The law will require all American airlines to compensate passengers for expenses.

Moreover, the airlines would be required to offer passengers cash, miles, or travel vouchers when the companies are at fault for cancellations or delays.

Biden also added that his administration has expanded an online dashboard to offer travelers greater visibility into airlines’ policies regarding compensation.

“These actions are in addition to other progress we’re making to lower costs for American families. Holding corporations accountable and growing our economy from the bottom up in the middle out. Not just the top down,” Biden added.

Presently, airlines do not assure cash compensation to passengers in case of a significant delay or cancellation. However, when the issues are within the airline’s control, airlines frequently offer travel credits, vouchers, or frequent flyer miles to affected passengers experiencing delays or cancellations.

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