Prince Harry Breaks His Silence On Royal Exit, Says He Had “No Other Option”

Prince Harry just made his first public appearance, and during his speech, he addressed the family drama surrounding him and his wife these past few weeks.

The Duke of Sussex delivered some remarks at a charity dinner in support of a foundation he runs, which helps people with HIV and AIDS.

He didn’t hold back, getting right into the news of him and his wife Meghan stepping away from royal life.

According to TMZ, Prince Harry contends that they actually wanted to continue serving as Royals on behalf of the Queen, but just wanted to cut out the public funding part out. He revealed that to his dismay, it just wasn’t possible… so he made a tough decision in getting all the way out. Harry claimed he had no choice.

“The decision I have made for my wife and I to step back is not one that was made lightly. It was so many months of talks after so many years of challenges. And I know I haven’t always gotten it right, but as far as this goes there really wasn’t any other option.”

Harry explained to the guests that he’s taking a leap of faith by venturing out like this, but says with the support of his countrymen and friends … he thinks he and his family will manage.

“It is our privilege to serve you, and we will continue to lead a life of service,” he vowed.

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