Prince Harry Pitched Meghan’s Voice-Over Work To Disney’s Bob Iger

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not playing when they decided to leave their respected Royal positions, and even as far back as last summer were the two ramping up for their exit from royalty. That was when the first move was made: Harry pitching his wife’s talent to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger.

Resurfaced video from July 2019 appears to show the Prince chatting with Iger at the “Lion King” premiere in London. In the video, he seems to say, “You know she does voice-overs?” to a genuinely surprised Iger who responds with, “Oh really?”

Iger goes on to say he didn’t know of Meghan’s voicing talents, and Harry followed up saying his wife is “really interested.” Moments later, you hear someone clearly say, “We’d love to try.”

As previously reported, Meghan signed a voice-over deal with Disney in exchange for a donation to the charity Elephants Without Borders. Meghan’s work with Disney is reportedly already complete; however, the nature of the project is unclear.

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