Prince’s Family Claims That They Have Not Received Any Payments From His Estate; They Are Now Asking a Judge To Intervene

Prince’s siblings are claiming that despite lawyers and advisors being shelled out millions, they have not seen any money from the singer’s estate, and now, they are asking the courts to step in and approve “payment for services and efforts provided to the Estate.”

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Prince’s siblings, Sharon, Norrine, and John Nelson, have filed a petition for compensation in Prince’s estate.

While Prince left behind all his assets to his six siblings, the estate is run by Comerica Bank. The two parties have not agreed on many terms in the past. The siblings have accused Comerica of mismanaging money and leaving them out of the loop concerning major decisions regarding the estate. Comerica has denied these allegations.

Sharon, Norrine, and John say they want to continue helping out the estate but cannot continue without being compensated. The three siblings claim they have had to heavily depend on “solely on their pension, social security, personal savings and loans from friends to cover the costs needed to support the Prince Estate despite the millions paid to advisors, attorneys and others approved by the Court.”

The heirs also said that they have provided “considerable time and investment in business matters related to the Estate. Unlike others, who have performed services for the Prince Estate, the three have not received any financial sums for numerous and repeated services they have contributed to the Estate.”

A judge has not yet ruled in the case.

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