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Priyanka Chopra Praises “The Activist” For Good Intentions Despite “Tragic” Backlash

Priyanka Chopra has spoken out about the cancellation of her TV show “The Activist,” which was met with widespread criticism before it ever premiered.

In September 2021, the internet unleashed a lashing on Chopra, Usher, and Julianne Hough after they were announced as hosts of the reality series. The eyebrow-raising show focused on social activists competing against one another in activism-themed competitions for the chance to win grand prize money towards the causes that meant the most to them.

The five-episode show was eventually canceled by CBS due to intense controversy over its use of global challenges to attract viewers and for pitting campaigners against one another. Soon after CBS scrapped the show, the 39-year-old admitted that the series “got it wrong.”

CBS partnered with the anti-poverty organization Global Citizen to produce the show. Chopra says she has worked with Global Citizen for years and witnessed firsthand the massive efforts they have made to end poverty and bring awareness to climate change.

“They’ve done incredible work. So, it’s really tragic when something like that happens because that is never the intention,” the actress said.

After they decided to cancel “The Activist,” CBS, Global Citizen, and Live Nation issued a joint statement admitting that while they wanted to show the passion and tireless efforts of people who push for social change, the format they were using “distracts from the vital work.”

While it does not appear that the show’s producers are completely ready to walk away from the idea, Chopra said during her interview that she was unsure what the production company was planning on doing with the show.

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