Pro-Golf Player Rory McIlroy Is Reportedly Never Golfing With Trump Again “Out of Choice”

According to TMZ Sports, professional Golf player Rory Mcllroy, who is currently ranked #1 in the world, reportedly said he will never golf with Trump again “out of choice.” The reason is that he doesn’t agree with “anything” POTUS has been saying lately.

Mcllroy and Trump have reportedly played a round of golf back in 2017 at the Trump International in Florida. The pro-golfer said that his motives wasn’t “an endorsement nor a political statement of any kind.”

During an interview on “The McKellar” podcast this week, Mcllroy described Trump as being “nice” and “charismatic” but will not play golf with him again, respectively, declining several opportunities.

“Most people that he came across that day he was cordial to, he was nice and personable,” McIlroy said. “That was my only interaction with him the day I had with him.”

“But, that doesn’t mean that I agree with everything — or in fact, anything — that he says.”

Mcllroy then took the opportunity to shame Trump on his inability to handle the pandemic and that he is only using the global crisis for his own political gain.

“We’re in the midst of something that’s pretty serious right now and the fact that he’s trying to politicize it and make it a campaign rally and say we’re administering the most tests in the world like it is a contest — there’s something that just is terrible,” McIlroy said.

“It’s not the way a leader should act. There’s a sort of diplomacy that you need to have, and I don’t think he’s showing that … especially in these times.”

McIlroy said that he will never golf with Trump again, and is aware that he most likely will not get another opportunity to do so again.

“I don’t know if he’d want to play with me again after what I just said. But no, I wouldn’t.”

Rory McIlroy
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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