Pro-Trump Doctor Arrested For Attacking Hispanic Man in Publix Parking Lot

Jennifer Susan Wright is known around her South Florida neighborhood for her extremist support of Donald Trump, from constantly posting on Facebook to setting up Halloween displays that falsely accused the Biden family of running a crime empire. Police say that the doctor took her anger out on a Hispanic man in a Publix parking lot the same day Trump left the White House.

On Inauguration Day outside of the Hialeah, Fla. grocery store, a man was putting his groceries into his car when Wright, who is white, approached him. She reportedly assaulted the man, vandalized his car, and spouted racial remarks.

In an arrest report obtained by the Miami Herald, Wright, an anesthesiologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach said, “This is not going to be Biden’s America, this is my America,” adding that “We should have burned it all.”

On Friday, Wright, 58, was arrested and charged with tampering with a witness, criminal mischief, and battery with bias (also known as a hate crime).

Police said the man, who has not been named, was standing in front of Wright while in line to pay for his groceries before the alleged attack in the parking lot. According to the Herald, the man asked her in Spanish to stay socially distant when he realized Wright was standing too close to him.

Wright initially ignored the man, prompting him to repeat what he said in English. In response, Wright allegedly “mumbled bad words.” Once in the parking lot, Wright walked up to the man and stood close to his face. The man begged her to step back, the police said, which made her even angrier.

According to the arrest report, Wright called him a Hispanic slur. She also reportedly said, “We should have gotten rid of you when we could.”

The Herald stated that the doctor then used her keys to scratch and “stab the victim’s vehicle while saying he needed to go back to his country.”  She then reportedly punched the man after he pulled out his phone and threatened to contact the police.  When the phone fell to the ground, the police said, Wright stepped on it and kicked the man.

Wright then sped away in her Jeep Wrangler after the alleged attack.

One month later, in Miami Springs, Fla., she was arrested outside her home.

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