Producer Claims Yung Bleu, Boosie Stole His Music; Didn’t Receive Royalties

Producer Claims Yung Bleu, Boosie Stole His Music; Didn’t Receive Royalties

A producer named Ice Starr says Yung Belu’s rise to fame came at his expense, claiming the hip-hop artist stole used his music for his hit song, “Miss It.”

According to TMZ, the producer hasn’t received a dime in royalties, and legal documents obtained by the outlet claim Bleu started ripping the producer’s music in 2017 for unauthorized use.

The producer who makes compositions and recordings for other artists to use on a licensing basis says Bleu’s top songs, “Miss It” and “Ice On My Baby,” were his instrumental creations and used without his knowledge, authorization, and without any compensation whatsoever.”

Ice Starr also makes the same claims for YB’s album, “Investments 5,” saying it also helped boost the rapper’s popularity.

Boosie is named in the lawsuit because Ice Starr says his Bad Azz Music label, which Yung Bleu signed, put him into an invalid agreement.

Apparently, he signed away his rights after “Miss It” had already been released without his knowledge, TMZ reported.

The producer claims this was done to allow YB to continue to profit off the unauthorized use of his recordings.

Bleu’s most recent hit, “Your Mines Still,” which features Drake, doesn’t use the producer’s music.

Ice Starr’s suing for copyright infringement and wants the judge to give him a cut of the profits and future royalties from Yung Bleu’s hit tracks.

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