Proof Broke Dudes Get Love To: Desean Jackson Spotted With Mya AND Esther Baxter

It hasn’t even been a month since we reported that Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles is dead broke and living off the credit of his agent but that’s not stopping him from putting a down payment on some p*ssy. On consecutive days this week Desean Jackson has been seen out and about with singer Mya and video vixen/Joe Budden’s ex Esther Baxter. 

Esther helped Desean celebrate his birthday Sunday night while Mya was spotted with Desean at the Philadelphia Sports Fans Choice Awards on Monday night. When asked if he was in a relationship with either woman Desean simply answered “I have no comment”.

Well, he didn’t say no. I guess broke men can get some love too but why would either woman choose a guy who’s having a below average season AND is borrowing money from his agent to get by? You can do bad all by yourself honey! 

Props toFresh for the pic! 

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