Tiffany Haddish Reportedly Ordered to Abstain From Alcohol And Submit Weekly Drug Tests Following Second DUI Incident
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Prosecutors Move to Prevent Tiffany Haddish from Citing Career Impact in DUI Trial

Georgia prosecutors are reportedly looking to prevent Tiffany Haddish from claiming that a DUI conviction would affect her career.

They filed a motion to exclude “evidence of the consequences of a guilty verdict on [Haddish’s] ability to earn a living,” as per court documents obtained by

In January 2022, Tiffany Haddish was arrested in Georgia after officers responded to a report of a driver asleep behind the wheel.

Officers arrested Haddish for DUI after pulling her over in a vehicle that partially matched the description and claiming she smelled of marijuana. She later accused the officers of an unlawful search and seizure.

According to her lawyer, the officers lacked “reasonable articulable suspicion to detain Ms. Haddish.”

Her lawyer argued that the officers “did not report observing any traffic violations or any less-safe driving during the one minute he observed Ms. Haddish operate her vehicle. Accordingly, the traffic stop was illegal, and any evidence derived therefrom must be suppressed.”

Haddish’s lawyer is looking to exclude her police statements and blood test from trial evidence.

In a newly filed motion, prosecutors stated that “[Haddish] is an actress and entertainer charged with DUI. [Defendant may argue that her ability to travel and obtain employment may be negatively affected by a guilty verdict in this case. The State moves … to prevent Defendant from introducing any evidence or mentioning during the trial that her ability to perform or practice her profession could be adversely affected if she is found guilty of DUI,” prosecutors argued.

“Any testimony that tends to evoke sympathy for Defendant is irrelevant to the issues being tried and is only offered to inject into the trial an improper element of emotionalism should be prohibited,” the motion said.

The motion added, “Defendant’s employment or potential employment and the effect a DUI conviction may have on that employment or profession is not an element of the crime of DUI nor a defense to the crime of DUI.”

Last week, Haddish was arrested for a second DUI in Beverly Hills. After being released hours later, she humorously addressed the incident during a comedy show.

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