Protesters Demand Justice After Knife-Wielding Man Is Shot And Killed by Police

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, protesters are calling for national attention after a fatal police shooting.

Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams addressed the protestors in a statement released Sunday. They claimed that the office would be releasing ongoing updates regarding the shooting in a” timely” fashion.

“A police-involved shooting has significant impact on a community, as we are seeing with the large number of individuals gathering in the streets,” Adam said.” However, I am asking that all reactions be tempered as the investigation is ongoing. We will do our best to release details about the incident in a timely manner. We ask that acts of protest remain peaceful as violence and destruction of property will become headlines and serve no purpose for the safety and wellbeing of our citizens and neighborhoods.”

According to a report from regional NBC outlet WGAL, 27-year-old Ricaeso Munoz has been identified as the shooting victim. Police first responded to a residence on Laurel Street around 4 p.m. Sunday for a” domestic disturbance in process.”

Police say graphic bodycam footage shows Munoz with a knife. An investigation will be launched to determine if the shooting was a justified use of force or an instance of criminal action.

Lancaster’s Mayor, Danene Sorace- noted in a statement Sunday evening that the officer involved in the shooting has been placed on leave.

Sorace said,” This has been a heartbreaking day for our city. I grieve for the loss of the life and know that there are more questions to be answered as the investigation continues.”


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