Protesters Dressed as KKK Interrupt Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Hearing

Protestors Dressed as the KKK Interrupt Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing


Later this evening, America will watch the President of the United States deliver his farewell speech as he prepares to exit the oval office in a few days. In the meantime,  the President-elect, as well as his cabinet choices, are preparing to take their proper positions.


While Trump himself will be sworn in on January 20, the Senate held the first confirmation hearing earlier today. However, things got off to a rocky start when two men dressed in white sheets and KKK pointed caps interrupted the hearing.


“Here we are!” they shouted, as Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions arrived to face the Senate confirmation process. The continued to shout until they were escorted out of the hearing.


The men were standing on chairs in the hearing room, claiming to be Sessions’ #1 fans.


“Jefferson Beauregard, you speak for the people!” one of them said, calling Sessions by his first and middle name. However, Sessions chose not to react.


According to NYPost, as the men were being taken out, one screamed, “You can’t arrest me, we’re white. White people don’t get arrested. I’m a white man!”


Once the hearing began, the protesters remained quiet, holding their signs with slogans against the attorney general nominee. But, their silence was quickly broken when Committee Member Sen. Richard Shelby testified in favor of Sessions’, the NYPost reports.


After that, the protesters continued to interrupt the hearing, crying out, “He’s evil.”


“no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” “We refuse to accept a fascist America!,” they shouted, just before Sessions began testimony.


In the meantime, as a result of Sessions’ reputation as a career racist, sitting US senator, Cory Booker is scheduled to testify against Sessions’ appointment as attorney general.


Check out the interruption below:

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