PurseGate: Cardi B Posts The $88k Purse And Received More Backlash

Cardi B kept “Pursegate” alive after tweeting out a picture of the purse that caused a stir for the “WAP” rapper on Sunday.

The backlash was swift for Cardi after asking her followers whether or not she should purchase an $88,000 purse during a time when many Americans are struggling.

After Twitter persisted in seeing what such an expensive purse looked like, Cardi finally obliged and posted what the bag looks like on Monday. Twitter quickly let her know that bag is not it at all.

“This this !!” she tweeted alongside pictures of the purse. The fact that the bag looks like an Ugg boot was not lost on her fans. 

Check out some of the hilarious reactions below:

Not one to let comments slide, Cardi let her followers know the purse is a great investment:

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