Put The Phone Down And Help Out Those In Need

We’re not even a good thirty days into the new year, and I suppose being a good and decent human wasn’t on the list of resolutions for some. Between the disgusting display of blatant hate and prejudice by the Florida couple towards young black boys in Brickell and the disturbing video of a woman slapping and manhandling an infant, one can only wonder, are we so smart that we’ve chosen to be stupid as a society? 

Ideally, increased technological advances combined with access to information was supposed to be a good thing for the future of mankind. We were supposed to be heading towards a sort of enlightenment, vowing to right the wrongs of history and work towards a better tomorrow. Where and when exactly did we go wrong? When did it become ok to video record and act as a narrator while despicable acts play out in front of you? Why has it become second nature to whip out a phone only to upload the clip online with the hopes of going viral? Do you ever stop to consider how you can be of service? Did it ever cross your mind that you have the ability to prevent or deter whatever is going on? 

In many cases, having a video recording will help with legal matters or at least the court of public opinion, however, for once, it would be nice to see a recording of someone actually stepping in to be a decent human. To see a crowd gathered to protect a victim versus being nosey bystanders. Yes, there are valid reasons as to why some people prefer to mind their business, but have we become so jaded as a society that we aren’t even the slightest bit disturbed when we see another human being in need unless it holds a monetary or trending social media value? 

Even with all of the inhumane things we see on a daily basis, all faith and hope isn’t lost. We each have a responsibility to be good people. To live our lives in ways that separate us from animals by operating with compassion and understanding towards one another. Just ask yourself, if you were ever in a dire situation around a crowd of people, would you want them only to record or help you? I believe the majority of us would want to be helped, so please be the change you wish to see.

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