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QAnon Plans New Inauguration For Donald Trump After Failed March Date

QAnon is still determined to have Donald Trump sworn in as President and has planned an alternative date for his inauguration.

After President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day took place without “the storm,” which was supposed to consist of executions and mass arrests, the conspiracy theorists concluded that Trump must be sworn in on March 4th. However, Thursday passed by without Trump returning to office. Following their failed inauguration, the group began posting messages, encouraging one another to keep the faith despite no new evidence presented to suggest that Donald Trump had the election stolen from him.

“Don’t be disappointed,” one supporter wrote late Thursday on a popular QAnon Telegram channel. “The race is not run yet and I have reason to believe March 20th is also possible.”

March 20th indicates the new date that the group has proposed for Trump’s inauguration. They believe that the former President will return to power in the days leading up to this new date.

“We still have 16 days,” one QAnon supporter wrote. “Lots can happen between now and then!”

Conspiracy-theory expert Travis View previously explained to Insider that QAnon’s plan of a March inauguration was rooted in a “blind faith” that Donald Trump can “fix everything.” Experts also believe that the movement will continue creating new inauguration dates to look forward to in the hopes that Trump will soon return to the White House.

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