QAnon Events Filled With Trump Supporters Who Refuse To Wear Masks

CNN Reporter Analyzes QAnon Events: Attendees Support Trump, Refuse To Wear Masks And Believe Trump Will End Elite Child-Sex Trafficking Ring

QAnon has been taking on the name of real-life movements that are committed to ending child sex trafficking.

QAnon is a viral, pro-Trump conspiracy theory that alleges Donald Trump was elected to take down a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who are running a global sex-trafficking ring. Conspiracy theorists who follow this belief believe that Democrats, along with other elites, are the alleged group of pedophiles that Trump is supposedly trying to take down.

In a new analytical report, a CNN business reporter researched two QAnon anti-pedophilia events. The first was in Hollywood, of which its supporters denied and somewhat supported the QAnon theory along with some of Donald Trump’s remarks surrounding it. The other event, called “Q Con Live” took place in a conference room at a resort in Scottsdale Arizona. There, several people who are devout believers of QAnon gathered.

Donie O’Sullivan of CNN Business said that he found both events to be the result of groups of people who would seemingly rather blame other politicians for Trump’s negligence in managing the COVID-19 crisis and ending the lively racism he’s conjured up in the country. “Pedophiles, you are on notice! – Q” read one person’s sign at a march in Hollywood. The sign was also equipped with a #SaveTheChildren hashtag. Save The Children is a large humanitarian organization that works to improve the lives of children around the world.

Now Save Our Children is being used as some of QAnon supporters’ slogan, completely stripping the organization of its actual purpose. But that hasn’t stopped people from gathering on Sunset Boulevard and shouting “Save Our Children.” O’Sullivan says the majority of people that he met at the gathering were Trump supporters and had some type of MAGA paraphernalia on. Many also used Trump’s “fake news” remark on their signs and wardrobe.

In Arizona, many of the QAnon supporters said they were against wearing masks, saying it is the government’s way of controlling people. O’Sullivan said he was one of the few people wearing masks at the event. While there, O’Sullivan said many denied that Trump refused to denounce QAnon during his NBC town hall event. Others said it was important that Trump be re-elected so that he can arrest Hillary Clinton, who they claim is one of the Dems behind the child sex-trafficking scheme. The event was also decked with people at tables selling QAnon merchandise and books.

God, come get us, please.

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