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Quando Rondo Involved In A Deadly Shooting That Killed His Friend Lul Pab [Video]

Quando Rondo found himself back in the middle of gun violence.

On Friday, the rapper was involved in a deadly shooting that killed his friend, Lul Pab. The shooting happened in broad daylight in Beverly Grove at a gas station.

According to law enforcement, several shooters drove to the store and opened fire, hitting Rondo and his friend. Pab’s friends loaded him into a black SUV and headed to West Hollywood. The vehicle was stopped by police who were responding to the shooting.

Videos began circulating online of Rondo having a conversation with the authorities. The video shows the rapper visibly upset about the situation, flailing his arms and stumbling backward.

At some point, Rondo saw police pulling his friend out of the car, prompting him to walk away screaming in agony. Cops performed CPR on Pab and got him to start breathing again. However, he later passed away in a nearby hospital from the injuries.

Regarding Rondo, his aunt took to social media to give an update and says he is doing fine.

“I love everyone, but please give my family time to call me. You guys are clogging my line. We’re fine. Maybe I should reword it, he’s fine. I spoke with him myself,” she wrote.

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