R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager Resigns After Saying He Wouldn’t Leave His Daughter With A Pedophile, Later Recants Statement “I Should Have Worded It Better”

Darrell Johnson, crisis manager for the embattled R&B singer R. Kelly, has stepped down from his position after back-pedaling a potentially damaging comment he made about not leaving his daughter alone with someone accused of pedophilia. 

Journalist Gayle King, had the opportunity to speak with Johnson prior to his resignation on CBS This Morning, and she asked Johnson whether he’d leave his own young adult daughter with Kelly, and his response wasn’t expected from someone who advocated so much for the singer.

Johnson replied, “Absolutely not. I wouldn’t leave my daughter with anybody that’s accused of pedophilia. Period.” And when asked if that’s a contradiction to his role with Kelly, he stated, “I wouldn’t leave my daughter with anyone…I’ll say it again, (anyone) that’s accused of being a pedophile.” 

In a statement to USA Today, Johnson took the opportunity to clarify his remarks and their intent, saying, “I should have worded it better.” Johnson claims he meant to say, “I would leave my daughter with Kelly because I do not believe he is a pedophile.”

Shortly after, Johnson confirmed he no longer worked for Kelly as a crisis manager or in any capacity but did confirm the decision was not based on Kelly. “This has nothing to do with Mr. Kelly it’s for my (own) person(al) reasons,” he said in the statement.

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