R. Kelly Says Feds Are Trying to Deny Him A Fair Trial By Not Revealing The Identity of Jurors

R. Kelly is still complaining, but this time, he’s leveled allegations against the federal officials involved with his case.

According to an exclusive report by Bossip, R. Kelly says he will not get a fair trial if the judge withholds the identity of potential jurors in his upcoming child pornography case.

Rightfully so, the feds would like to maintain the jurors’ anonymity to protect them from intimidation by R. Kelly or his associates. Apparently, the government believes the R&B star has a history of harassing people who have enough power to influence his court decisions and have also accused him of bribing the family of one of his victims that he abused on tape for 15 years in the past.

However, R. Kelly claims the government has failed to show proof of his and his staff’s interference with witnesses in his previous cases. According to the letter sent by his lawyer to the judge, R. Kelly believes that shielding potential jurors’ identities will put him at a major disadvantage as he heads to trial.

Even if the judges withhold the jurors’ information from the public, he would like his lawyers to at least have the right to the information, claiming that his legal team can then use it to figure out if a juror would be biased against him, according to court documents obtained by Bossip. With this information, the disgraced singer’s defense team could see if a potential juror had, for example, posted about R. Kelly on social media.

On top of child pornography charges, he is also facing a racketeering and kidnapping case in New York and is expected to go to trial in October 2020.

The Feds have accused R. Kelly and his codefendants Derrell McDavid and Milton Brown for conspiring to produce child pornography that involves R. Kelly abusing young girls for more than 25 years and say all have tried to hide their crimes.

Hopefully, R. Kelly will get the fate that he deserves.

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