Texas Teacher Who Told Producer Southside's Son He Was Racist Has Been Fired

Texas Teacher Who Told Producer Southside’s Son He Was Racist Has Been Fired

The Texas teacher who told the son of producer Southside that he was racist has lost his job.

Just days ago, the 808 Mafia founder shared several clips on social media of his son, Mello, and several other students confronting his Bohls Middle School teacher about being racist. In the first video, the young man accused the white teacher of mistreating him since he frequently made it difficult for him to get a restroom pass. In another clip, the teacher sat in a circle with the children who pressed him about whether or not he used to be racist, to which he agreed that he was “sometimes.”

As the children refused to back down, the unidentified teacher became “frustrated with the conversation” and would eventually admit that he is “ethnocentric” and believes that his race is the “superior one.” 

Southside shared the video on his Instagram profile, condemning the educator and praising the young scholars for confronting him about the discrimination. 

“I’m so angry I’m loss for words, but I will stand up for my child and the other black and Spanish kings and queens in this video,” he wrote in the caption.

The video quickly went viral, prompting other parents to demand the teacher’s termination. One father, Brian Hennington, slammed the man for bringing his bigotry into the classroom in front of impressionable students. 

“There are other personal experiences we’ve had as people of color that we had individually, but to see this in the classroom setting is just not acceptable,” he said.

Thankfully, the Pflugerville Independent School District acted swiftly, announcing on Monday that the teacher had been fired. Superintendent Douglas Killian called the remarks “inappropriate, inaccurate, and unacceptable.”

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