Radio DJ Calls Waka Flocka “Greasy Black N****r” On Air

A radio DJ had some really nasty things to say about Waka Flocka after the rapper used a Trump jersey to wipe his butt at a concert last month.


Bob Romanik, who works for KQQZ 1190 AM in St. Louis, went into a racist tirade on-air after Waka’s display in January. “Trump will probably do more for this black n*gger than Obama has ever done for the proud Black community,” Romanik stated.


He went on to say, “We’re talking about Waka Flocka, that greasy black n*gger son of a b*tch, not a ‘proud black person,’ definitely not a proud white person.  But it says, you should not flaunt your support for Donald Trump at a Waka Flocka show. Why not? I’ll tell you what, you black bastard, let me wear a Trump shirt and you grab it off me. You’ll be the deadest son of a b*tch walking around.”


Now Romanik, we know you talk a good game over the airwaves, but you’re not saying any of that to a 6’3″ vegan black man who jumps around on stage daily for a work out and could probably smack the Republican out of you before he even has to catch his first breath.  bBut, I digress, courage is courage and Waka isn’t here for it.


The 30 year old rapper is calling for Romanik, who made these comments weeks ago, to be fired. He says that he can’t believe that Romanik, who he calls a “disgrace to white America,” can use that kind of language and make it this far without any consequences, so either KQQZ handles it or he will.


“If his show doesn’t get shut down, that goes to show where racism is in America. That’s not how you maker America great,” said Waka. “Sh*t, I’m going to go up to his show. I’m going to see how much he’s going to tell me. I’ll show you how we handle sh*t then.”


Romanik says he has no plans to quit his job. In fact, he says it’s a double standard that he can’t use n*gger freely.


“If you say cracker or honky to a white race, I won’t get any heat, but let me say n*gger one time,” Romanik says. “A black person can use the word and a white person can’t? How discriminatory is that?”


Personally, I’d love to see Waka handle it, but you know these types of racists like to talk smack then  call the cops.

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