Rajon Rondo Girlfriend Sued For $1 Million After Physical Altercation In Parking Lot

NBA star Rajon Rondo’s girlfriend has been sued for putting the paws on a woman during an altercation that allegedly started over their cars being parked too closely together. 

Latoia Fitzgerald has been sued by Toktam Jorshari, who says Fitzgerald punched her during a physical altercation that was caught on camera. Jorshari is suing her for $1 million. 

TMZ released the clip, which shows both parties having a back and forth conversation in the parking lot. Jorshari begins pointing her finger at the couple, and Rondo quickly steps up to the woman with Fitzgerald right behind, eventually intervening. Later on, in the video Jorshari is seen stepping up to Fitzgerald’s face, and Rondo then gives Jorshari a nudge. Jorshari kicks at Rondo, and Fitzgerald comes in for a swoop punch. Fitzgerald then moves around rondo and begins throwing a series of punches at the woman. 

Jorshari is now suing Fitzgerald for $1 million in unspecified damages. She claims that she endured injuries and is suing the couple for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy.

“In the NBA, unnecessary and excessive contact is considered a Flagrant 2 foul, which can result in a fine, ejection and possible suspension of a player,” attorneys Eddie Tehrani & Arnold Gross said. “Outside the NBA such conduct is considered an assault and battery. No man should ever put their hands on a woman, ESPECIALLY an NBA basketball player with superior height, and strength. The video speaks for itself.”

In a statement, Rondo’s representation said: “The plaintiff chose to park her car two inches from Mr. Rondo’s door, and the plaintiff was not in an assigned parking spot. The plaintiff refused to wear a mask during a short 30-second encounter, and also refused to move her car.” lawyer Mark Baute told TMZ. “The plaintiff and Mr. Rondo’s girlfriend had an unpleasant encounter that lasted roughly 10 seconds, and Mr. Rondo tried to prevent them from any further interaction, which was awkward due to (a) his thumb being broken, and (b) the plaintiff not wearing a mask.” Baute plans on fighting the case and believes his party will win, Complex Media reports. 


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