Rajon Rondo Puts Them Paws On Kris Humphries, Kris Twitpics His Injuries

Rajon Rondo takes Celtics loyalty seriously. He can never be compared to Ray Allen. Especially not after the scuffle that took place during the Brooklyn vs Boston game that left he and Kris Humphries ejected and Humphries scratched up and crying to Twitter like a baby.

Rajon Rondo chose to defend his team mate over his record breaking streak in assists tonight. After Kevin Garnet got hit in the mouth after receiving a hard foul from Kris Humphries, Rondo wasted no time coming for his neck by pushing him into the stands. All four players, including Gerald Wallace were given technical fouls. Rondo and Humphries were ejected.

Although the Celtics did not win tonight, and Rondo ended his streak at 37 straight games with double digit assists, at least you know when the going gets tough, Rajon has your back.

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