Rapper 600Breezy Reveals His Girlfriend Died by Suicide

Rapper 600Breezy Reveals His Girlfriend Died by Suicide: “I Did Everything I Could To Show Her Nothing But Love”

Rapper 600Breezy revealed some sad news about his girlfriend, Raven Jackon’s, sudden death on Tuesday, and it appears she died by suicide.

“Baby, why would you do this to me, why would you do this to us,” Breezy wrote. “I was coming back home. I promised you I would. You just gone leave me forever? Do you know how many people love you, raven? I would’ve never left if this was the outcome. I’m fucked up for the rest of my life, baby, mentally. You just finished me. I’m shaking. I’m crying. I love you so much, stinky pie. My woman, my wife, my life …You pushed me away so you can do this ??? I would’ve died with you, raven. I did any and everything for you … I’ll never be able to love again @ raven.k.jackson. I’ll see you soon, baby. God help me, please.”

On Instagram, he shared a series of photos of the two together and screenshots of her text messages to him.

In what appeared to be a suicide note, Raven told Breezy that she’s had the negative thoughts for years and that this isn’t her first suicide attempt. In the text, she shared a few details about her surroundings and said she “gave up a long time ago.” Additionally, Raven said it was her choice and what she wanted, adding, “It’s one thing to ruin your life, but I had to go and end mine too.”

Breezy took to his IG page to confirm that his girlfriend was hurting and that he “did everything I could to show her nothing but love and keep her going.”

According to Breezy, he is messed up for life and will never be able to love again. He also told his fans to take people seriously when their loved ones show signs of mental illness or depression.

“You left my heart so empty and broken lifeless alone,” he said. “And no matter what they say or what you say, I’m gonna forever feel like it’s my fault. Please, y’all, pay attention to the signs of depression or mental health,” he added.

According to CPD records, an unidentified woman fell from the 42nd floor of a commercial building in the 300 block of West Wacker on Sunday, September 4. She was transferred to Northwest Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

600Breezy Mourns 600Breezy Mourns

600Breezy Mourns 600Breezy Mourns

600Breezy Mourns 600Breezy Mourns

As the rapper continued to mourn, the mother of his triplets, Queen Key, took to Twitter to call him out for his lack of support for their three children. She also slammed him for “clout chasing,” and responded to backlash over her rant, saying, “I’m Bitch i experienced this mf in real life y’all can’t tell me shit.”


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