Rapper B.G. Has Been Released From Prison
Rapper B.G.

Rapper B.G. Slams Snitching Allegations; “What’s Understood Don’t Need To Be Explained” [Video]

Rapper B.G. has spoken out after an online rumor accused him of being a snitch.

The Cash Money star served 12 years of a 14-year sentence and was released this year. Since then, many have wondered if B.G. may have told on someone to cut his time. This prompted him to phone the “Pop Austin Media” show on Wednesday to clear his name once and for all.

“At first, I was feeling some type of way, but the n***as whose opinion matter reached out to me, you know what I’m saying?” B.G. explained to host TTE Notti. “I’ve been paying attention to this internet, right, and this internet a fool, ya heard me? This s**t a beast. You know, the internet undefeated, and truth don’t need no cosigner.”

B.G. added that many well-respected people who are “standing on business” told him to ignore the gossip. His buddies even gave him words of encouragement, stating “N***as just trying to use your light to pull them out the darkness.” While the Louisiana lyricist denies the claims, he maintains, “What’s understood don’t need to be explained.”

The wave of chatter was sparked by Youtuber 1090 Jake, who is known for exposing rappers for snitching. His “End Of Sentence” YouTube channel has attracted almost one million subscribers for videos that usually include court documents, interviews, and statements to back his many claims. Jake most notably exposed snitching allegations against Florida rapper Boston Richey, who was signed to Future’s FreeBandz label. Additionally, Wack 100 also accused B.G. of being a rat in order to free himself.

B.G. appears to be thriving, so none of the talks seem to be slowing him down.

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