Rapper Russ Atlanta Home Burglarized, Thieves Allegedly Made Off With Chanel Bags, Firearms And A Mercedes

Rapper Russ Atlanta Home Burglarized, Thieves Allegedly Made Off With Chanel Bags, Firearms And A Mercedes

Early Friday morning, a burglary occurred at the Roswell residence of rapper Russ, located in metro Atlanta. According to reports, Russ took immediate action by notifying the authorities when he observed individuals inside his residence via his security cameras. Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers noted significant indications of a thorough search within the home. Almost every drawer within the residence had been opened, and jewelry boxes had been opened and completely emptied.

While Russ wasn’t present during the incident, he assisted the police remotely by using FaceTime to guide them through his home and inform them about the stolen items. During this virtual walkthrough, Russ disclosed that the burglars had taken five firearms, comprising two Glock 19s, a C Z Scorpion, and two Walther handguns.

Additionally, while communicating with the police, Russ noticed that two Chanel purses, one in pink valued at $15,000, another in black valued at $9,000, and a 2020 Mercedes C Class AMG, all belonging to his girlfriend, had also been stolen, with a combined value of $24,000.

According to the police, upon reviewing the available surveillance footage, it appeared that a minimum of two individuals, and potentially up to four, gained access to the residence through the basement patio door at approximately 10:15 p.m. on Thursday night. Two of the suspects were seen exiting through the front door around midnight, with one of them carrying a backpack. Two more individuals were seen leaving through the basement door at roughly the same time, and they were observed carrying suitcases.

Nevertheless, authorities have reported that the vehicle in question was last spotted entering Interstate 285 westbound from Riverside Road at approximately 12:30 a.m. The investigation into the incident is currently underway and ongoing.

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