Rapper Travis Scott Sued Over Melody Used In His Song “Highest In The Room”

Travis Scott is currently being sued by producer Benjamin Lasnier, who is accusing the rapper of using a melody he created for the song “Highest In The Room.”

Early last year (2019), Lasnier wrote and recorded the melody before marketing it around to different people in the industry, including artists. He claims that he also posted the recording three different times on his IG stories to be viewed by over 700k followers.

Around the springtime, Lasnier claims he communicated with Jamie Lepr, someone who works with Travis and reportedly solicits beats. With no deal in writing. Lasnier sent Lepr a beat pack, which included the controversial melody. Lasnier said that Lepr then allowed him to hear a moderately tweaked version of his melody in Scott’s new track late last year.

But a short time later, the catchy guitar melody in “Highest in The Room’ was promoted on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram.

The song was later released on Scott’s Jackboys compilation tape.

Because Lasnier claims he never gave direct authorization for the use of his melody, he now wants his share from the success of Scott’s “Highest” song. The track has accumulated nearly $20 million and has even reached the No.1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Lasnier is actively seeking “an accounting of the profits, damages, and a running royalty share too.

Reports state that this isn’t the first time that Travis Scott has been accused of theft in the music industry. In 2019, DJ Paul sued Scott for allegedly illegally using his material on his previous album ‘Astroworld.’

But, according to TMZ, a person close to the rapper claims the controversy surrounding the melody is strictly between producers and has nothing to do with the ‘Astroworld’ rapper directly.

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