Rapper Trina Goes Off On Walmart Shopper Who Called Her A “N****r B***h”

Just another day at Walmart, or so Rapper Trina thought before all hell broke loose.

According to TMZ, the Miami artist was shopping at a Walmart in Cooper City, FL, when she accidentally bumped into another shopper who then called her a ”n****r b***h.”

As we all know, the rapper has been through more than enough with the sudden passing of her mother, and she simply lost it on the racist shopper, screaming:

“Say it again you dirty-ass b***h! I am a n****r b***h. Say it again! I dare you to say it!”

Once police arrived to the scene at the request of the Diamond Princess, no arrest were made. Authorities escorted Trina to her vehicle for safety measures and reportedly never spoke with the woman who uttered the racial slur.


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