Police Say Rapper YNW Melly Fatally Shot Two Of His Friends In Staged Drive-By And Drove Around “For A Period Of Time” With Dead Bodies In Car

New reports show rapper YNW Melly staged a drive-by to trick cops into thinking that his two friends were killed by someone other than him and a companion.

Early in the morning on Oct. 26, Melly’s friend, #CortlenHenry, drove his two friends to the ER in Miramar Fla., claiming the two men had been fatally shot in a drive-by, according to Melly’s booking report. The two shot men, Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr, were pronounced dead at the hospital. Medical examiners determined the men were shot in the head, body and back.

Cortlen told police the men were all ending the night after a long studio session, and just as they were leaving the studio, another car pulled up on the side of his car and began shooting. Police confirmed there were eight bullet holes on the right side of the vehicle where Williams and Thomas were sitting. Cortlen explained he was able to escape the shooting.

After investigating Cortlen’s story, police found forensic evidence that suggests he lied to police and was trying to cover up his own actions. Police report that bullet shells were found inside the car, in addition to eight corresponding bullet shell casings in another location. Police believe YNW and Henry shot the car up to make it appear as if they were in a drive-by.

According to police, the first shot was fired from inside the vehicle, not outside as Henry originally claimed it came from the left rear passenger side of the car, which is where police later discovered Melly was sitting. Surveillance footage from the recording studio shows YNW, Henry, Williams, and Thomas getting in the car to leave. Melly entered the car and sat in the back left seat.

Police said that after shooting Williams and Thomas, the two drove around with their dead bodies “for a period of time” before driving to the hospital. Henry told police Melly was in the same car but later got out and then got in another car.

YNW Melly Drove Around With Bodies

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