Rapper Z-Ro Claims Just Brittany Is Lying About Assault For Reality Show Fame

Houston rap legend, Z-Ro, real name Joseph McVey, was arrested earlier this week and held without bond stemming from accusations that he viciously beat his girlfriend, rapper Just Brittany, for an hour-and-a-half at his home last April. He’s now maintaining his innocence and saying that the allegations that landed him in jail are all a big PR stunt by his ex.


Z-Ro is accused of beating Just Brittany for nearly two hours on the night of April 29. However, sources close to the rapper have dug up photographs Brittany posted to social media on April 30 at 1:51 am that show no signs of injuries. Z-Ro believes this shows she wasn’t beaten at all and plans to fight the felony charges against him.


The Houston legend also questions why Brittany waited 3 months to report the incident and finds it suspicious that the news broke on the day she made an appearance on VH1’s new reality show, “Signed.” Sources insinuate that Brittany is trying to get her name in the headlines ahead of the new show, and it may have worked, as she was a trending topic on Twitter the entire day and even bragged about it on Instagram.


As for the alleged 21-minute video recording Brittany has of the incident, Z-Ro says he hasn’t heard it.


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