Rapsody Defends Female Rappers Against Fans, Says Cardi B Makes “Conscious Music”

Hip Hop artist Rapsody defends Cardi B after her fans compare her to fellow female rappers.

Rapsody stopped by People’s Party with Talib Kweli, where she discussed her career in hip hop, her influences, and working with rap superstars like Kendrick Lamar and Jay Z. Rapsody is seen as a classic Hip Hop artist, unlike her fellow female rappers that tend to create more racy content. In Uproxx’s review of Rapsody’s latest album, Eve, many of her fans categorized her as “respectable” in comparison to some in the female rapper community.

In response, Rapsody denied her fans’ critiques and instead supported female emcees. “A lot of times, people will use me as the… ‘You should like Rapsody because she don’t dress half-naked’ or ‘You should like Rapsody because she shows how a woman is supposed to be shown,’ and it’s like, bro, you don’t even have to do all that. If you like me, then like me, but don’t come at these other women because they choose to do their art the way they do their art.”

She also pointed out the constant online attack on female rappers. “We spend too much time talking about what we don’t like instead of investing energy in what we do. If you wanna change it, speak in other ways: With your dollars, with your support, with your tour tickets. If you a DJ, play the record on the radio.” She added, “It’s not about me tearing the next woman down,” mentioning Cardi B and #MeganTheeStallion as examples. “[They] tell the stories that they tell because they live that life and they should have the space, to be honest about it.” She ended her comment, saying, “Cardi B makes conscious music” because “that’s conscious to what she was doing.”

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