Raptors Fan Arrested Over Vulgar Comments About Ayesha Curry on Live TV

The NBA Finals are underway and emotions are high for both the fans, as well as the players. Despite the overwhelming circumstances, both parties are expected to be on their best behavior to guarantee everyone’s safety, keep the peace and ultimately prevent another ‘Malice In The Palace.’ 

However, every so often, things get out of control and the responsible parties are, in turn, reprimanded with either ejection, banishment, or suspension. But, after a recent incident on live-tv, one fan faced consequences that were above the scope of the league. 

According to TMZ, Raptors fan, Tristan Warkentin, 28, has been arrested for his vulgar comments about Ayesha Curry. In the incident, which occurred on June 2 after the Raptors’ loss to the Warriors in Game 2, a fan spoke to a CP24 news reporter about the atmosphere in the stadium during the game. It was his response that left him in cuffs, four days later.

“The vibe was unreal,” he said. “and I just want to let everyone know Ayesha Curry we’re gonna fu*k her right in the p*ssy.” 

Since he knew the broadcast was live, Toronto police said they arrested Warkentin for criminal mischief. He is expected in court on July 11. 

However, in the wake of the incident, Warkentin says he plans to apologize to Curry. 

“I’m not in a position to defend myself in terms of what happened. I am sure you understand the influence of alcohol,” Warkentin told the Toronto Sun. “What I did was disgraceful; it was an alcohol-influenced situation…To be honest I don’t even remember being there but I am responsible for my own actions at the end of the day…and I am not sitting here claiming victim.”

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