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Ray J Slams Kris Jenner In IG Live, Says She Tried To Make Blac Chyna Look Crazy [Video]

Ray J is incensed by Kris Jenner’s claims that she had nothing to do with releasing the 2007 sex tape he made with her daughter, Kim Kardashian

Jenner sat for a polygraph test on The Late Late Show, and when asked if she was behind the infamous Kim Kardashian, Superstar video, she said no. The lie-detector operator declared that she was telling the truth.

Ray J hopped on Instagram Live Saturday night to refute those claims.

“You going to try to crush my career, make me look stupid, when you know you was the mastermind,” the 41-year-old said on Live. “Kris, you know you ran the play.”

He then reveals that Jenner had the former couple shoot a second sex tape and that she not only watched them, but she picked the one that showed Kardashian in the best light.  

“Kris Jenner is the one who made us shoot the second sex tape in Santa Barbara,” he said. “She made us! We’ll get to that ’cause I have all the proof on that, too. I got all the emails. I got Kris Jenner. I got Kim walking into Vivid. Kim had on a white dress. I had on a white shirt. We walking into Vivid with Kris. It’s over for them.”

In another Live, he explains further that he and Kim were told, “‘we like the tape, we need you to go do it one more time in Santa Barbara.” At the time, the pair were no longer together. 

“‘We’ll go through ’em… We picked the older one. Showed Kim in a better light. Her bra was still on,” he says. “The other one was just too raunchy.”

Ray J took it further by putting the Vivid Entertainment contracts on a projector screen. When he puts up the page on deliverables, which are the tapes included in the deal, it’s revealed that there are, in fact, three separate tapes. Tape one is listed as “cabo intro,” tape number two is listed as “cabo sex,” and the third tape is called “santa barbara sex.” 

He claims the handwritten deliverables portion of the contract was actually written by Kardashian. 

In the end, Ray J admits to being young and stupid when the tape was made. He explains on the IG Live that he was more interested in when the singer would receive payment so he could buy a car than the consequences of his actions. 

At another point, Ray J brings up the fact that he’s not alone in being a target of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. He accuses the family of trying to make Black Chyna look unhinged. 

“Ya lawyer, Marty, right? Every time somebody talks shit about y’all of this magnitude, y’all always cease and desist. Y’all shut that shit down. Y’all tried to make Blac Chyna look crazy, right? Because you felt like you had the facts.”

The model sued the family, accusing them of having her reality show with Rob Kardashian, Rob & Chyna canceled before a second season could air. The lawsuit dragged out in court for years before being dismissed earlier this year. 

The family has denied any wrongdoing. 

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