Ray J Wants People To Stop Speaking About His "Super Old" Sex Tape

Ray J Wants People To Stop Speaking About His “Super Old” Sex Tape: “I’m Definitely Exhausted”

Ray J is over people speaking on his famous sex tape with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, as revealed in a recent interview with Us Weekly while promoting his Up Close and Personal With Ray J and Tsū virtual event.

“I think we’re all in a new space, and so, you know, I just always think about my kids and think about my wife and think about my family first,” the Scoot-E-Bike mogul said. “So, you know, I don’t take offense to any of that because the world will be the world, but it’s definitely super, super, super old.” He went on to add, “I’m definitely exhausted from that life and that world and those subjects. But for me, you know, we always just, we’re looking forward.”

Kardashian and Ray J dated between 2003 and 2006. They made headlines when their infamous sex tape leaked in 2007, which transcended Kim into superstardom. The pair’s sex tape has been heavily talked about in the years since. As recent as last year, Zachary Levi referenced the explicit tape while hosting the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

“And, of course, America’s other sweetheart Ray J, from Love & Hip Hop, is here. Although I’m sure, some of you are more familiar with his work as a cameraman” the Shazaam! Star joked. The camera panned to the “One Wish” singer and his wife Princess Love immediately after, who smiled and flipped her middle fingers at the camera.

Ray J addressed the host’s joke in an Instagram video following the awards, saying that he was not the one leaking information about his sexual relationship with Kardashian.

“The person I am now is not who I was in the past. I need y’all to give me a chance to grow and to love and to respect the people I’m with without trying to slander my name, please. God is working, and obviously, the devil is trying to work, too, but it will not happen. I will not let that happen, y’all. I love my wife, and I have nothing but respect for everybody out there, past and present. False rumors.”

Later that same month, Kardashian herself opened up about Ray J and the tape during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian, where she got candid about her drug use during the making of the clip.

“Absolutely. Everyone knows it. My jaw was shaking,” the KKW Beauty founder confessed to her sister Kendall Jenner when she asked if Kardashian was on drugs during the filming of the sex tape, though it is not clear exactly what drugs she was using at the time. “I definitely went through a wild phase.”

Both Ray J and Kardashian have moved on from their homemade porn, with him going on to marry Princess Love in 2016, and Kardashian wedding Kanye West in 2014.

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