Ray J’s Tech Company ‘Raycon’ Hits $10 Million In Sales Within 12 Months

Say what you want about Ray J, but he’s definitely been getting his bag…and not just from Love & Hip Hop or music. The R&B singer started his own technology company #Raycon in 2017 and already within 12 months, has amassed $1.5 million in sales from scooters, smart watches and recently added, earbuds.

Ray sat down for an interview with Grit and  expressed how amazing it felt to hit 8-figures in less than a year. “It feels amazing and we’re so proud of how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. I knew that the company would do well because I believe so much in the products but, I have to say that the success has been overwhelming so far. We have a great team assembled and we get things done. Our customers are happy so we’re happy,” Ray J said.

He also shared that it wasn’t an easy task finding his niche and figuring out how to make the business flow properly. Ray J said, “I think everything happens for a reason and I needed to have the learning experiences that I did in order to be where I am now. In the past, I had the marketing know how to get people to talk about my products, but I didn’t have the infrastructure or logistics to fulfill the demand properly.”

He thanked his partnership with Cowboy Wholesale corporation, a global tech distributor, for helping him put the missing business pieces needed together in order to make his company thrive. He continued with, “Now, I have the best of both worlds with my partnership with Cowboy. I would definitely do it all again because that experience is what led me to success today.”

But this isn’t it for the entrepreneur, as he hinted at future projects he has in the works…without sharing any details. “The best is still to come because we have been keeping new products under wraps for a long time. It’ll be a surprise, but it’s all mainly under the umbrella of wireless audio because that’s what has been working so well for us now. At some point in the future we may look at expanding beyond this category, but for now, we just want to continue building on the momentum that we have in this area.”

Congratulations, Ray J!

Ray J

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