Raz B Assaulted In Nightclub, Omarion Not Involved

Things have been pretty quiet for former B2K member, Raz B. I really hadn’t heard much on him in years — until today. Raz B, who is still living in China, was hospitalized last night when someone smashed him in the mouth with a bottle at a night club.

Raz B was performing at the Zhejiang nightclub when he noticed a fight break out in the crowd. Raz went to go break up the fight when someone swung a bottle right into his mouth, causing several cuts, including a deep gash on his lip. Chinese police stepped in, arrested Raz B and his attacker. They soon released Raz B once they realized he did nothing wrong. The police made his attacker fork over $5,000 to cover Raz B’s medical expenses. 

Raz B, who’s been living in China for the last 3 years, required an hour long surgical procedure and four stitches to fix the gash in his lip. Raz plans on moving back to the United States later this year for his “big comeback”.

Source: TMZ

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