Five R&B Feel Good Records to Play When You’re Having a Bad Day

Five R&B Feel Good Records to Play When You’re Having a Bad Day

Going through a break-up? Work draining you? Or do you just all around need a good pick-me-up? Music has always been a good mood changer. However, some R&B singers possess a superpower that takes this remedy to an entirely new level, improving your day and overall attitude towards life.

That is why we’ve put together our top five feel-good, uplifting R&B tunes about the beauty of life rather than the darkness. 

@markmorrisonofficial – Return of the Mack

One of the greatest R&B records of all time had to make the list. While mainly a break-up comeback song, Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” will get you through whatever you are dealing with. Once the beat drops, it is hard to remain in a slump and keep your body from moving. Released in 1996, this song continues to stand the test of time and will surely set the vibes during any occasion and improve any mood.

@missjillscott – Golden

“Living my life like it’s golden” is a mantra and self-affirmation that everyone should live by. This 2004 release preaches about appreciating life and everything that goes with it. The record feels warm and cozy, as if Miss Jill Scott is talking directly to you with this infectious tune that will help you forget whatever mishap you are going through.

@destinyschild – So Good

You know that feeling you get when life is going amazing? That is what “So Good” by Destiny’s Child embodies. Happiness is exuded throughout the record, with lyrics like “I’m doing so, so, so, so, so good.” Released on Destiny’s Child’s sophomore album, “Writing’s on the Wall,” the record features original members @Beyonce, @Kellyrowland, @Iamlatavia, and @Letoyaluckett and is full of feel-good nostalgia.

@earthwindandfire – September

No cookout, family gathering, old school concert, or Black event is complete without Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1978 classic. An all-around anthem, this groove was created with the sole purpose of sparking a feeling deep within that forces you to dance, laugh and cheer to the good times.

@therealmaryjblige – Just Fine

If there is anyone who can make you feel something through music, it is the queen, Mary J. Blige. While we all know Blige can belt out a good heartbreak melody for when you need a good cry, she is also a pro at making anthems meant to celebrate the world’s positivity. That is exactly what “Just Fine” is all about. Letting go of the negativity and enjoying your days is essentially the message that Blige is conveying. We most definitely listened. 

Stop what you’re doing and start a playlist titled “Baller Feel Good R&B” with these five records as the inaugural tracks. Add yourself about ten more R&B upbeat cuts and vibe out any time your day needs a little brightening.

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