Redskins Coach Ron Rivera Supports His Players’ Decision If They Choose To Kneel: “That’s What Our Military Personnel Fought For”

While taking a knee during the national anthem is considered controversial in the #NFL, #WashingtonRedskins head coach #RonRivera says he’s siding with his players should they choose to kneel.

“It’s their choice, it’s their decision and I support it because its in our constitution and that’s what our military personnel fought for. For our rights,” Rivera told the press on Wednesday.

Rivera revealed that he became educated on the meaning behind kneeling, before signing #EricReid who took a knee alongside former teammate #ColinKaepernick while playing on the 49ers.

Taking a knee during the national anthem is a movement started by Kaepernick to bring awareness to the injustices that people of color face including police brutality and oppression.

To gather a better understanding of the social issue, Rivera read important texts in American history such as the Constitution,  Bill of Rights, the Amendments and the oath of office, TMZ Sports reports.

Aside from doing his on research on the movement, Rivera also had an in-depth conversation with Reid where he explained the meaning behind the movement.

Rivera’s latest comments regarding taking a knee comes just a week after Redskins running back, #AdrianPeterson said he’s going to kneel in the upcoming season following #GeorgeFloyd’s death.

“Without a doubt,” Peterson stated. “We’re all getting ready to take a knee together,” Peterson stated.

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