Regina Hall And Her Mom Ended Up in the Hospital After Getting Too High on Marijuana

Regina Hall and her mother’s “girls trip” ended with a bad trip and a ride to the hospital. 

The actress sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday to promote her new movie “Little” and shared a funny story of how she and her mom once got so high on marijuana-they ended up in an ambulance. 

Hall found a stash of medicinal grade mary jane in edible form, which she used to treat her sick dog, Zeus, before his death. She described it as “The good stuff, you don’t want to throw it away.” 

Regina said she gave her mother some for her arthritis and took a “little” for herself. 

Hall’s mom, however, took more than the amount she recommended and by the end of the night she began to feel numbness in her mouth and had slurred speech. 

Regina feared her mom was having a stroke and called 911. Soon the panicked pair were off to the hospital in an ambulance. 

Doctors ran a few tests and found nothing seriously wrong, and a family friend determined the true diagnosis by telling Regina and her mom “I think you bitches are high.” 

When Kimmel asked if Regina had learned her lesson from her mom’s bad trip, she responded: “Well, we learned when her mouth gets like that, she just high.” 

“Little” hits theaters April 12th.

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