Relationships - Domestic Violence Is Never OK

Relationships – Domestic Violence Is Never OK


This past weekend a tragedy occurred when Kassandra M. Perkins was cut short at the hands of her boyfriend/child of her father. Since this weekend there have been numerous articles speculating what may have caused this senseless tragedy. I have read articles questioning Ms. Perkins motives in dating Javon Belcher. Articles calling her a gold digger or speculating whether she was cheating as if that were the case it would somehow justify her murder.

No matter what the situation was Domestic Violence is never ok. I want all of you ladies to remember that these “ballers” are mere men who have money. Some are flawed to the core. No matter what they do for you or provide for you IT IS NEVER OK FOR THEM TO ABUSE YOU. In my life I have witnessed Domestic Violence up close and personal in my own home and as well as close friends. By God’s grace none of them ended up dead but there were many times when I worried that they would.


I just want to remind BA sisters that no matter what your situation is that Domestic Violence is never ok. This also goes for us women too. If a man enrages you to the point that you feel need to put your hands on him. It is time to leave him. Trust me I know that  there are times that you want to go upside a man’s head but if he takes you to that point it is time to move on.


Instead of going on about the coward that murdered Kassandra M Perkins and then cowardly killed himself. Let’s remember that Kassandra could have easily been any one of us or our sisters, friend or cousin’s. Let also remember there is a baby girl that will grow up without either one of her parents who is also a victim in all of this.


If any of you are in a situation and you need help please contact the Domestic Violence Hotline at or 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)


Also please take the time to read this moving article.




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