Human Remains Found In Alabama Believed to Be That Of UFC Fighter’s Missing Step Daughter

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The case of missing college student Aniah Blanchard has come to a tragic end, with her remains being found Monday morning in Macon County, Alabama.

Blanchard was last seen on October 23rd at a convenience store. The latest development comes after a month-long search for the teenager, who investigators believed was kidnapped against her will. A witness came forward, reporting that he had witnessed 29-year-old Ibraheem Yazeed force Blanchard into a vehicle against her will outside of the convenience store on the night of October 23rd. However, the witness did not report what he saw sooner to authorities, stating that his wife had told him to “stay out of it.”

Blanchard’s damaged Honda CR-V was found two days later on Friday, Oct. 25, at a Montgomery apartment complex not far from Atlanta Highway. Forensic testing confirmed that a significant amount of blood found inside the car was that of Blanchard’s.

In addition to Yazeed, who is currently behind bars in connection to Blanchard’s disappearance, authorities have arrested a second suspect for aiding Yazeed.

Antwon “Squirmy” Fisher was booked into the Lee County Jail. According to the arrest affidavit, investigations revealed that Fisher “provided material assistance to Yazeed by providing transportation to Yazeed, and disposing of evidence.” Investigators had previously speculated that there was more than one suspect in the case. There has been no word yet on the motive.

Blanchard is the step daughter of UFC heavyweight fighter Walt Harris.

Let’s continue to keep the family in our prayers during this devastating time.

Remains Found

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