‘Remember the Titans” Coach Herman Boone Dies at 84

Herman Boone, former T.C Williams High School football coach, portrayed by Denzel Washington in the film ‘Remember the Titans’, died today at the age of 84.

Boone became the team’s head coach in 1971; this was the first year the school had been integrated.

According to Alexandria City Public Schools, Coach Boone “took the coaching position at T.C Williams after being told the town was not ready for a black head coach.”

Due to the recent integration, Boone faced several challenges, as the integration caused racial tension.
But despite those tensions, Boone was still able to lead the team to the state championship as well as an undefeated season.

Boone passed just months after his assistant coach during the 1971 season, Bill Yoast, portrayed by Will Patton in the film. Patton died in May.

Boone coached T.C Williams until he was fired for allegedly verbally and physically abusing players in 1979, Boone denied all allegations.

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