Remy Ma And Safaree Sued Over Benefit Concert

“Love and Hip Hop” stars Remy Ma and Safaree are both being sued by a Chicago mentorship foundation for breach of contract.

The Circle Foundation, which mentors Chicago-area youth, claims the rappers signed contracts to perform at a fundraising concert on April 21, 2018, at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago. The Foundation says their contracts explicitly stated Remy and Safaree could NOT perform within 60 miles of the arena for 30 days before the event, in what’s called a “performance exclusivity” clause. It’s a common practice amongst promoters used to make their concerts stay in hot demand.

In the lawsuit, the Foundation says the rappers signed the deals and agreed to Remy getting a $35k deposit payment and Safaree getting $7,250. According to the court docs, Remy performed on April 8th at the Black Women’s Expo in Chicago, and Safaree performed at the Rockin’ Horse Saloon & Grill on April 14th in Chicago as well.

The Circle Foundation says they asked Remy and Safaree to return the deposits but have gotten no response from either party. They are suing for their money back, plus damages.

Remy Ma and Safaree
Remy Ma and Safaree Instagram

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