Baller Alert Exclusive: Remy Ma Talks Black Love, Weight Loss and “Love and Hip Hop”: “They Got Rid Of All The People That Were Clout Chasing”

Since her highly anticipated release, Remy Ma has remained a force to be reckoned with; as an elite rapper, reality star, and mom. But despite her overwhelming accomplishments, the rapper is also well known for her longstanding relationship and marriage to rapper, Papoose, the exemplar of black love.

In a recent interview with Baller Alert, the Bronx-bred raptress opened up about their relationship and revealed the secret to a stable, successful union.

“Sacrifice and understanding,” Remy said, adding, “It’s going to be times when you gotta want to do things that’s not really for your best interest, but if you love the person you do it because you love them.”

As the interview continued, the rapper opened up about life with her daughter, Reminisce Mackenzie, and shared how she’s been able to snapback after birth.

“Mostly, I have to be honest, I can contribute most of my weight loss to breastfeeding,” the rapper said. “It’s really serious.”

“But, my husband is vegan. I’m not vegan, but he simultaneously starves me by accident, so I just try to watch what I eat,” Ma added. “I can’t even sit here and say I work out crazy because I don’t, but I do a lot of cardio.”

However, when she’s not spending time in the studio or at home with her family, the rapper is often seen on our tv screens during “Love and Hip Hop.” Although the rapper initially hated her role, she is now enjoying her time on the show.

“The first couple of seasons I hated it,” Remy Ma, adding, “this last season where they brought back all the older people, and it’s all close-nit, and they have a different production and stuff, I actually enjoy it now.”

“They got rid of all the people that were clout chasing,” Remy said. “People that are there now, they’ve been famous or known for a while now.”

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