Republican National Convention: What You Should Know

The RNC kicked off on Monday night with a startling but not surprising attack on Democrats. Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump advisor who is also his eldest son’s girlfriend, said, “They want to destroy this country and everything that we have fought for and hold dear. They want to steal your liberty, your freedom. They want to control what you see and think and believe, so they can control how you live…They want to enslave you to the weak, dependent, liberal, victim ideology, to the point that you will not recognize this country or yourself.” Day one of the convention truly set the tone for what will undoubtedly be a continuous display of below the belt jabs from one party to another as we ramp up to the upcoming election.

The second day of the RNC was nothing short of jaw-dropping, to say the least. While it may not seem useful to watch if you aren’t pro-Trump or Republican, it is, in fact, imperative that you stay aware of what tactics are being used to appeal to his base supporters. Make no mistake, Donald Trump is in it to win, and his campaign strategy is all about speaking directly to his base on the issues that matter most to them in order to motivate them to vote. Within the first hour of the convention, speakers like Cissie Graham, granddaughter of the late Evangelist Billy Graham, appealed to the white, conservative, Christian base. Stressing the idea that we are being faced with a battle between good and evil and a vote for Donald Trump is the country’s salvation. Abby Johnson spoke out in opposition of Planned Parenthood, citing the racist ideologies of its founder Margaret Sanger who is rumored to believe in Eugenics, a process of selective breeding. The overwhelming presence of Planned Parenthood locations in predominantly Black communities has drawn criticism as a means to aide in the eradication of Black lives as a whole.

In a surprising twist, Nicholas Sandmann, the teenager who made headlines for wearing a Maga hat with his student group at the Lincoln Memorial, spoke out about biased journalism. He claimed to be the target of cancel culture as his life was majorly impacted after the videos went viral. Trump’s children, Tiffany and Eric, both spoke, each supporting their father’s performance as President citing what they consider to be his most successful accomplishments.

Trump made an appearance to hold a naturalization ceremony, which was an unusual but strategic play for the night. Additionally, he pardoned former inmate, Jon Ponder, in an attempt to boast his efforts on criminal reform. Other speakers included, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and an appearance by Vice President, Mike Pence. Each made stark accusations against Joe Biden’s ability to provide sound leadership to the American people and boasted the ways in which the future will be secure with another four years under Trump. The convention’s overall tone was intended to paint the Democratic Party as radical left extremists who will lead the country into darkness, uncertainty, and turmoil. Ending the convention, Melania Trump acknowledged the devastating impact of COVID-19, offering her condolences to those who lost their lives and thoughts and prayers for those who are still fighting against the disease, promising continued efforts to find a cure. She continued to appeal to the moral compass of the audience and asked the media to use their influence and platform responsibly.

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